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If you have a question about Invest Brazos Valley, and you do not see it answered here below, please do not hesitate to scroll to the bottom and contact Kait Jones. We want you to have all the answers you need so that you can choose to join the movement and be a part of what is happening here in the Brazos Valley!

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Top FAQ's
Why Invest Brazos Valley now?

The Brazos Valley is growing rapidly thanks to its industry leaders, community involvement and premier quality of life. With the added focus on commercialization and economic development by the Texas A&M University System, the opportunity exists to proactively enhance the Brazos Valley economy through diversification. The Brazos Valley EDC works on behalf of the Category I funding partners and Invest Brazos Valley to recruit new businesses, help existing businesses expand and support entrepreneurial community, thus diversifying the economy.

Who will benefit from Invest Brazos Valley?

When a business launches, grows or locates in our community, it opens up more opportunity for your business as well. Not only does this diversify the economy, it will create new jobs and broaden the tax base. Investors will see a direct correlation between the growth of the economy and the growth of their own business.

Is Invest Brazos Valley just for “big business?"

No. The Brazos Valley is an economy built on entrepreneurship and small- to medium-sized businesses. Invest Brazos Valley encourages individuals and businesses to join at either level to help guide the community's collective actions in developing a stronger economy.

How will Invest Brazos Valley funds be used?

Invest Brazos Valley funds will be used proactively to seek and assist economic development projects, to market our community around the globe, and to support the continued development of our market's entrepreneurial and small business ecosystem. 

Higginbotham Insurance

James Hoffman, an employee benefits consultant with Higginbotham, discusses how Invest Brazos Valley makes a positive impact on economic development in our region.

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B/CS Chamber of Commerce

Approximately 90% of Invest Brazos Valley members are also members of the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce. For more than 100 years, they have worked to enhance the economic well-being of our region through a wide range of committees, initiatives and events. The BVEDC is an Inner Circle member of the Chamber, and we strongly encourage membership with them in addition to IBV.

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