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Texas is one of the few states with no corporate or personal income taxes, creating an environment of growth, job creation and talent retention. Locally, responsible tax rates combined with a lower cost of living gives your business and its employees tremendous opportunities to succeed.

More on our tax rates can be found through the Brazos Central Appraisal District. Additional details on the state's rates is available through the Texas Comptroller's Office.

Real & Personal Property Tax Rates (Per $100)




Total Rate

Brazos County




City of College Station




City of Bryan




College Station ISD




Bryan ISD




State & Local Taxes

Sales & Use Tax Rate

State 6.25%, Local 2.0%

Inventory Tax

Double Freeport Exemption

Personal Income Tax

No State Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax

No State Income Tax

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Regional Tax Entities
Manufacturing Exemptions

The State of Texas offers a range of state sales and use tax exemptions to manufacturers, fabricators and processors of tangible personal property. The Texas Comptroller's Office has additional details on who can take advantage, along with what items and services are exempt. You can also contact our team for info and assistance.

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