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G-CON Manufacturing

Quick Overview
PODs Built in Inception
Incorporated & Headquarted in College Station

G-CON designs, builds and installs prefabricated cleanrooms. G-CON’s POD® cleanroom portfolio offers a number of dimensions for a variety of uses, from laboratory environments to personalized medicine and production process platforms.

G-CON POD cleanrooms surpass traditional cleanroom structures in scalability, mobility and the possibility of repurposing once the production process reaches its lifecycle end.

Gcon pods
Why PODs?

PODs are uniquely positioned to benefit from the trend toward modular, flexible bioprocessing solutions. The key elements that are critical to cleanroom infrastructures - high quality, cGMP compliant designs, delivery speed and predictable costs are inherent to every G-CON POD design. In order to maximize efficiencies related to delivery speed and cost reduction, G-CON uses a two-pronged approach to providing optimal solutions: Standard PODs and turnkey POD-based facility solutions. 

How They Help

G-CON’s purpose is to save patient’s lives by abbreviating the design, build and delivery time of cleanrooms for biopharmaceutical products by providing prefabricated and prequalified cleanroom units called PODs. They have seen the industry embrace the need for a fast, quality and turnkey approach not only in the U.S., but across the globe including projects in South America, Europe and China and many other planned international projects.

"When we began to experience some success on the international stage, our owners tasked us to consider moving to more metropolitan areas in Texas and the result of our analysis was that no other area could provide all the benefits we had in the Brazos Valley. We have since expanded our site to over 250,000 square feet, soon to be 390,000 square feet, and are consistently supported by the City of College Station, the BVEDC, the Chamber of Commerce and Texas A&M as we grow and meet the challenges of that growth."
Sid Backstrom
Vice President of Business Management

Where They Are Going

G-CON's focus and plan are to continue to grow in the Brazos Valley. The company recently purchased 10 acres for production expansion and for a larger office space and are under contract for another 10 acres. They are currently at 300+ employees with additional open positions. G-CON expects to continue to grow the team to more than 400 in the next couple of years. They continue to add services to their offerings, having recently added G-CON Building Services and a service group with G-CON Manufacturing. These groups are here in the Brazos Valley and will also have a global reach.

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