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Long steeped in military history and tradition, the Brazos Valley is now an emerging force in crafting the technological future of the nation's defense. With The Texas A&M University System and its elements leading the way, partnerships between industry and research offer companies tremendous advantages in advancing their technologies. The Brazos Valley also offers a highly-skilled, well-educated, endless workforce pipeline.

Accelerating Innovation
Bush Combat Development Complex

The Texas A&M University System George H. W. Bush Combat Development Complex will be an innovation and applied research complex bringing together academic researchers, the military and the private sector as a hub for collaboration, demonstrations and high-tech testing of various national security initiatives. This complex will be a collection of facilities, equipment and instrumentation unmatched anywhere. The BCDC will serve as a convener for U.S. Army Futures Command by providing many resources, subject matter experts and facilities and hardware/software, as a catalyst of the newest and most innovative ideas for modernizing the Army through required stages of testing and evaluation.

BCDC Facilities
Innovation Proving Ground (IPG)
Research Integration Center (RIC
Ballistic, Aero-optics, and Materials (BAM) Test Range
Technology Innovation and Modernization Catalyst
“The Combat Development Complex will bring together diverse partners from businesses -- large and small -- academia, and most importantly, our soldiers. That's an important lesson we’ve learned here at Army Futures Command: when we bring the team together, we can innovate faster to develop game-changing solutions. By testing emerging technology in an operationally relevant environment, with soldiers providing feedback, we can evaluate it early to ensure we're getting exactly what our troops need in the field.”
Gen. John "Mike" Murray (Ret.)
Former Commanding General, U.S. Army Futures Command
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The BCDC sits on the RELLIS Campus, a premiere 2,000 acre high-tech research, technology development and education campus embracing alliances with industry partners for research, testing, and tailored curriculums to meet industry needs. Designed to serve as a bridge between the commercial interests of its corporate partners and the considerable resources available through The Texas A&M University System, partners of RELLIS benefit from access to a rich pool of talent, extensive knowledge and innovative technology.

Defense Industry
Brazos Valley Partners
Texas Defense Aerospace Manufacturing Community

The Brazos Valley is the hub of the Texas Defense Aerospace Manufacturing Community, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation program as part of the Defense Manufacturing Communities initiative. The mission is to introduce targeted smart manufacturing skills and technologies into the Texas defense aerospace manufacturing ecosystem, which includes traditional and non-traditional contractors.

Serving the Nation
Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets

Texas A&M University was originally an all-military school. Within the public institution today remains the Corps of Cadets, which develops well-educated leaders of character who embody the values of honor, courage, integrity, discipline and selfless service. Thousands of Aggies have served in the nation's military in peace time and war.

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