Press Releases
Nov 11, 2021

SecureAmerica Institute Set to Galvanize Texas’ Aerospace Manufacturing Community

Dr. Joya Mannan, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

The Department of Defense has awarded the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) a grant to establish the Texas Defense Aerospace Manufacturing Community (TDAMC). This five-year program will inject targeted smart manufacturing skills and technologies into Texas’ diverse aerospace manufacturing portfolio to support defense aerospace manufacturing needs and affiliated supply chains across the state.

“The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station is an ideal gateway for the Department of Defense,” said Dr. Cindy Lawley, associate agency director for TEES workforce development. “We offer a comprehensive and highly leveraged approach to reach deeply into the nation’s leading aerospace defense manufacturing ecosystem.”

By activating the defense aerospace manufacturing community across the Texas triangle (the region consisting of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin metropolitan areas), as well as counties within 75 miles of the Gulf Coast and Rio Grande Valley, TDAMC aims to infuse smart manufacturing tools and processes into the region in order to solidify Texas’ leadership role in a global manufacturing economy.

TEES will lead TDAMC through the SecureAmerica Institute (SAI), which will empower economic development corporations, industry and academia partners to engage regional communities in Texas to chart a path forward that will continue to position Texas as a leader in manufacturing. The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, known for workforce training and professional development, will also collaborate with TEES, SAI and Texas A&M Engineering.

“The SecureAmerica Institute is extremely fortunate in our opportunity to support Department of Defense manufacturing objectives,” said Rob Gorham, SAI executive director. “Facilitating the growth of a smart manufacturing ecosystem for the Texas aerospace industry will have long-lasting positive impacts for our nation.”


The Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation was a co-applicant for this grant and will serve as a community partner of TEES. The BVEDC is being allocated $250,000 for organizing and managing various regionalization activities as well as interacting with local economic development organizations to support the TDAMC.