Nov 01, 2021

Invest Brazos Valley Reaches Funding Milestone

Steve Fullhart
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Collectively, the private sector is now the largest funding partner of the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation.

Invest Brazos Valley (IBV), the private investment group supporting the work of the BVEDC, surpassed $350,000 in annual contributions on October 26 with the commitment of real estate investment company Caliber to join its membership.

The organization’s Category I funding partners are Brazos County, the City of College Station, the City of Bryan and Texas A&M University. Each funds the BVEDC at $350,000 annually.

“Our staff has worked diligently to approach companies about joining the team effort of economic development, and so many have answered the call,” said BVEDC President/CEO Matt Prochaska. “Leaders of companies looking to launch, grow and locate operations want to be in a place where they see unity, partnership, energy and potential. Invest Brazos Valley is a prime demonstration of these key elements. We cannot thank our IBV members enough for their commitment and support in the past, present and future.”

Over the past several months, BVEDC and IBV leadership have been working in preparation for this landmark in the economic development organization’s history. Reviews and revisions to strengthen the BVEDC’s bylaws have been discussed in order to allow the Brazos Valley business community its most effective representation in the organization.

“I am honored to serve as the Managing Director of Invest Brazos Valley and could not be more thrilled to see the commitment and trust the business community has bestowed on the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation,” said Amos McDonald. “Today is a great day for the community and another example of the great work the entire BVEDC team does to help businesses Launch, Grow and Locate in the Brazos Valley.”

In reaching $350,000 in annual contributions, IBV gains a third seat on the BVEDC’s Board of Directors like each of the Category I partners. The new seat will first be held by McDonald and will formalize IBV’s managing director holding a Board seat.

Companies join IBV at one of two levels: Leadership Council at $5,000 annually, and Visionary at $2,500 annually. Companies in both levels partner in the economic development work for the community and benefit from regular networking opportunities, extensive data and information, and access to the higher reaches of the local business ecosystem. More extensive benefits are available for Leadership Council members.

At the end of Fiscal Year 2017, Invest Brazos Valley had just crossed the $100,000 mark in cash and in-kind contributions. As a new BVEDC staff team was assembled over the following months, IBV reaching the $350,000 mark like the Category I partners was actively discussed by Board leadership and private sector partners. The creation of a five-year economic development strategy also included the goal of drastically increasing private sector engagement in the community’s economic development work. Since that time, the BVEDC has prioritized expanding its involvement and partnership with local companies through additional benefit offerings for IBV members and increased communications.


Brazos Valley businesses saw an opportunity to partner in economic development through the pandemic to achieve a stronger community to work through and beyond the health and economic downturns. The calendar year 2020 concluded with 14 more IBV members than at the end of 2019, with more than $250,000 per year committed to the BVEDC. 

So far in the 2021 calendar year, 30 new companies have committed to join IBV, far exceeding the single-year record for new membership.

If your company is interested in learning more about IBV, please contact Kait Jones, the BVEDC's Business Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, at


Clint Cooper, BVEDC Board Chair

“As a longtime member and former managing director of Invest Brazos Valley, I am proud IBV has accomplished this well-earned goal, a goal that could only be achieved by the BVEDC Board, BVEDC staff and leaders within IBV working together. It is exciting that members see the value in attracting businesses to and supporting businesses in our community. The private sector’s backing to the BVEDC will undoubtedly pay dividends for the Brazos Valley for years to come.”


Duane Peters, Brazos County Judge

“Day in and day out, the Brazos Valley comes together to accomplish great things. That includes economic development. Invest Brazos Valley member companies are not just serving their customers in Brazos County and beyond. They are supporting the growth of our business ecosystem. My thanks to each of the IBV companies which, together, are improving the prosperity of our home.”


Karl Mooney, College Station Mayor

“The City of College Station is proud to be home of the College Station-based companies that have joined with those in Bryan, Brazos County and beyond with the goal of creating investment and job growth for our region. By increasing the ranks of Invest Brazos Valley, these firms have further affirmed the sure sign of passion they have for the community they call home. It is exciting to see this commitment to our economic development growth, and I thank the IBV members for their passion and their contributions to the success of all.”


Andrew Nelson, Bryan Mayor

“In Bryan, we are proud to live ‘The Good Life, Texas Style,’ and life is better in Bryan and the entire Brazos Valley when our business community is strong and working together. I’d like to thank each contributing company with Invest Brazos Valley for your trust that the BVEDC will bring jobs to the Brazos Valley to enhance your businesses.”


Greg Hartman, Texas A&M University Chief Operations Officer

“Texas A&M University and The Texas A&M University System are proud to partner with our fellow Category I funding partners and Invest Brazos Valley in facilitating the economic growth of our region. A thank you to each company contributing to the success of all.”


Brandon Sears, IBV Managing Director-Elect

“This milestone is a great win for the Brazos Valley. The IBV business leaders are contributing more than just monetarily to the enrichment of our community. They are creating opportunities across the spectrum. This was achieved by great planning and execution by our BVEDC leadership and staff. It is also a testament of our growing business leaders who value responsibility, community and opportunity through this organization. As a resident, I’m excited to see the return for us on the investment these companies continue to make in Bryan and College Station.”