Aug 01, 2019

Belgian Media Cluster Signs Agreement with BVEDC

Steve Fullhart

Belgian media cluster TWIST is exploring partnerships in the Brazos Valley, as well as Texas and the nation.

During a meeting in Belgium in late June, the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation and TWIST signed a memorandum of understanding. Through the agreement, the BVEDC becomes the United States representative for TWIST as it pursues American opportunities. Cooperation with European and international partners will support the internationalization of small businesses in the smart media industry, particularly in the field of live sports and entertainment.

TWIST is the main business cluster for digital audio/visual and multimedia technologies in the French-speaking Wallonia region of Belgium. It groups private companies, universities, research and training centers, and public authorities in the media arena. TWIST’s mission is to boost the economic development of its members and give structure to the sector. It currently boasts more than 100 members with a combined 4,500 employees.

Pierre Collin, the executive director of TWIST, has made multiple visits to the Hub of the Texas Triangle as part of technology missions with the Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency (AWEX).

“I really realized when I came back the second time that it was really helpful for us to have a relationship with the Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation, with the goal, of course, to share our two ecosystems,” Collin said, “on one side, Wallonia toward Texas, but also Texas toward Europe and Wallonia.”

On that second trip in March 2019 (the first came a year earlier), Collin met with a wide range of local business, university, government and non-profit leaders to introduce TWIST to them and explore possible partnerships. He will return as part of the October 2019 AWEX technology mission to the Brazos Valley, which is facilitated by the BVEDC and Texas A&M Technology Commercialization.

“We are thrilled to be working with a European media powerhouse like TWIST in order to create new opportunities and relationships,” said Matt Prochaska, the president/CEO of the BVEDC. “Thanks to our long-standing efforts with AWEX, TWIST and other Belgian companies have been discovering the Brazos Valley and how here, we can introduce European businesses to the American market.”