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Tops in Texas: A&M Leads in Research Expenditures

For the fifth straight year, Texas A&M University is in the top 20 in the National Science Foundation’s ranking of American higher education institutions’ research and development expenditures. Plus, the university has crossed the $900,000,000 mark.
With $905.47 million spent on R&D in Fiscal Year 2017, the Aggies are 19th in the nation. A&M is tenth among public universities nationwide and is once again the top institution, public or private, in the State of Texas.
Texas A&M’s growth on the R&D front in five years is significant. In FY2012, while still ranking in the top 25 nationally, A&M spent $693.42 million which means the university has increased its spending by 23.4 percent from 2012 to 2017.
National Science Foundation
“As a Former Student, I couldn’t be prouder of the efforts and leadership of Texas A&M University,” said BVEDC President/CEO Matt Prochaska (pictured). “The tangible expression of research and commercialization the $905 million represents will only serve to continue the unprecedented growth trajectory of new economic success and job creation for the region. Congratulations to President Young, Chancellor Sharp and the entire Texas A&M faculty and staff team."
The NSF examined 903 degree-granting institutions, each of which spent at least $150 million on research and development during FY 2017. In total, those institutions spent $75.3 billion.
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center ($888.03 million in FY 2017) is second in the State of Texas and 21st overall. The University of Texas at Austin ($652.19 million) is a third in-state and 35th nationally.
National Science Foundation
For more on the rankings and comments from Texas A&M leaders, visit the university’s website.