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RELLIS Workforce Training Courses to be Validated

BRYAN, Texas — A new group of industry leaders, the RELLIS Building Trades Advisory Council, will begin validating workforce training courses so students can be assured they are taught all the basic skills to qualify for jobs in the building trades industry.
The 35-member advisory council, made up of employers in various construction companies, will review workforce training courses offered by educational institutions or companies.
The group was formed to make sure workforce training at RELLIS will lead to filling voids in the industry and will offer valuable training for incoming students who are interested in highly skilled and lucrative jobs in the building trades, Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp said.
“We at The Texas A&M University System have heard about the struggles of Texas builders to find qualified employees,” Chancellor Sharp said. “And in the tradition of serving our great state, we are making sure our new RELLIS campus will be part of the solution as we train the next generation of professionals in the building trades.”