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BVEDC Presents at Economic Outlook Conference

The Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation was proud to take part in the region's annual Economic Outlook Conference.
Put on each January by the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce, the event provides business and community leaders with data, projections and insight so they can be better prepared for the year to come.
BVEDC President/CEO Matt Prochaska joined the superintendents of College Station and Bryan Independent School Districts in the opening session of the day. Prochaska's presentation included a look ahead to the next generation that is starting to enter the workforce.
Generation Z is defined as being born from 1999 to 2016. According to projections from ESRI, Brazos County will have the highest percentage of Gen Z population in Texas, more than any other county. An estimated 97,714 Gen Zs will live here, which would be nearly 40 percent of our population.
According to data from Atlas Insight, LLC, Gen Z currently makes up 24 percent of the population. It is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, and so far is showing lower high school dropout rates and higher college enrollment rates. They are generally more financially driven, crave fiscal security, are more willing to work overtime and are less willing to be self-employed. They generally use more than twice as many screens as millennials, communicate more with images than text, and are future-focused realists.
"Many of the members of Generation Z will work in jobs that haven’t been created yet," Prochaska said. "To compliment job creation, we have to keep in mind that this generation will want support, training and education. They’ll not only need an enhanced physical infrastructure, but also the best digital infrastructure available at the time. That means keeping up with the technology of the time. As we all know, that part of our lives is changing almost by the day. This generation will also need competitive wages, and a culture of diversity and inclusion. Remember, Generation Z isn’t only our future. It’s our present. Its youngest members may be toddlers, but its oldest are entering the workforce now."
During his presentation, Prochaska also provided: