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BVEDC Logo Approved

The Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a logo for the recently-renamed organization at its June 20, 2018 meeting.
Last month, the board voted unanimously to change the name of The Research Valley Partnership to better emphasize the corporation’s location and purpose. With the new triangular, three-color logo to brand the BVEDC, a wide range of additional changes can begin, including with websites and marketing materials.
Board Chairman Glen Davis said, “We are excited about the new name and logo, as it reflects the core mission of the organization: economic development.”
AlphaGraphics’ Senior Graphics Designer Jason Carranza created the icon and text combination with input from the BVEDC marketing and communications staff. The corporation engaged AlphaGraphics, which has served the Bryan/College Station area for more than 30 years, shortly after the name change was approved. Carranza has more than 20 years of experience in graphic design and has taught at Blinn College.
The logo’s large triangle, composed of three separate triangles, is representative of the “Texas Triangle” framed by Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio. The lone star in the center represents a major selling point of the Brazos Valley: our central location with quick, easy access to millions of Texans. Paths from the star to the three corners demonstrate this. The shape resembles an arrow pointing upward as the BVEDC works to elevate and enhance the business community for the region.
Maroon at the base of the triangle illustrates how Texas A&M University, its research and its students are the foundation of the region and a built-in workforce pool for companies. The use of blue is inspired by the logos and color schemes for the Cities of Bryan and College Station, along with the Blinn College District. Yellow is an acknowledgement from the previous logos of the organization, a recognition of the successful past efforts to bring new companies and industries to the area.
The three-color palette and three sections of the logo allow a variety of options in the BVEDC’s public presentation and marketing.
“The name change and new logo represent our renewed focus on recruiting, launching and growing businesses in the Brazos Valley,” said BVEDC President/CEO Matt Prochaska. “We believe these changes and more to come will enhance our value proposition for the region.”
The BVEDC was formed in 1989 as the Bryan/College Station Economic Development Corporation. In 2003, the name was changed to The Research Valley Partnership. In May 2018, the board of directors decided to change the name to the BVEDC to focus on the mission of the organization and its location.
The BVEDC’s website will remain at researchvalley.org until a new URL becomes active in the near future. The Research Valley URL will then redirect visitors to the new one.