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A&M Entrepreneurship Program Earns Recognition

Texas A&M University and its McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship have received national recognition for the education of future leaders in the world of business.
This week, the Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine revealed A&M is on their annual list of the best undergraduate schools for entrepreneurship, ranking it 22nd in the 2019 edition. A&M is one of four schools that is new to the undergraduate list of 25 schools.
The A&M graduate program returned to The Princeton Review/Entrepreneur graduate list at 23rd.
The McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship was started in 1999 to “enhance entrepreneurial student education by providing training, networking, and assistance to enterprising students, faculty and alumni,” according to its website.
As noted in The Princeton Review/Entrepreneur listings, when it comes to entrepreneurship-related courses, A&M offers 35 for undergraduate students and 22 for graduate students. Half of the faculty have entrepreneurial experience, meaning they have started, bought or run a successful business.
A 60-question survey of administrators at more than 300 schools offering entrepreneurship studies formed the basis for the 2019 list. More than 40 data points were analyzed, according to The Princeton Review and Entrpreneur. Among them were faculty, students and alumni successfully involved in entrepreneurship endeavors, the number and reach of mentorship programs, scholarships and grants, and support for school-sponsored business plan competitions.
The McFerrin Center has a significant list of its own. Last week, its annual Aggie 100 list was released, recognizing the 100 fastest growing businesses owned or led by A&M graduates. Among the honorees were ten businesses based in the Brazos Valley, including two of the top five overall.
To learn more about what the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship offers, visit their website.