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Made in the Brazos Valley

The team at FrogSlayer defines its day-to-day mission as creating success for its clients, and its purpose as creating life-changing opportunities for those it serves.
FrogSlayer offers custom software design and development services for small and mid-size businesses, with a primary objective to help clients succeed and grow through digital innovation.
The original FrogSlayer was founded in 2005 by Ross Wright. He drew upon the talent pool at Texas A&M University and hired computer science students to work on projects related to oil and gas. Ross Morel first moved to the Brazos Valley in 2006, and upon his graduation from A&M in 2011, started a firm focused on helping university researchers to commercialize their research and technology. The two companies merged in 2012 and retained the FrogSlayer name. Morel took full ownership shortly thereafter.
In its early days, customers of the company based in “The Hub of the Texas Triangle” could mostly be found at the corners of that region, places like Houston, Dallas and Austin. Now, 95 percent of FrogSlayer’s business is outside the state, with its reach expanding up and down the east and west coasts of the nation. In 2019, the company landed its first international clients in Europe and Southeast Asia.
According to Morel, FrogSlayer has seen an average of 70 percent year-on-year growth since 2012. As of late 2019, the company boasts nearly 50 employees and about 20 contractors. Morel expects to grow by the end of next year to a total head count in the mid-70s or mid-80s. Software engineers and developers, user interface and user experience designers, project and product managers, and brand strategists are among the positions held at the business.
Morel also sees significant advantages to having FrogSlayer in the Brazos Valley.
“One is access to emerging and up-and-coming talent, mostly from the university. I think the second-biggest advantage is access to all the intellectual capital that A&M has. There’s a lot of great research and thinkers and doers related to A&M and other companies here in the area as well. I think it’s really an untapped intellectual capital, and it’s kind of a secret strength of this town.”
FrogSlayer routinely receives honors for its work and its workplace. Five times in the last six years, it has made the annual Aggie 100 list, which features the 100 fastest growing companies owned or led by A&M graduates. In 2019, FrogSlayer placed 31st. It has also been recognized each year since 2016 at the annual Bryan Rotary 10 Awards as one of the fastest growing companies in the Brazos Valley, placing second in 2019.
Morel says he wants employees who serve their customers to the best of their abilities, and a great workspace and atmosphere are key components to achieving that. Each year since 2017, the company has been one of 100 recognized by Best Companies Group in its Best Companies to Work for in Texas list. FrogSlayer was eighth best among the businesses with between 15 and 99 employees in 2019.
For more information on FrogSlayer, visit their website, frogslayer.com.
Feature from November 2019