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Investor FAQ's

Important Answers to Great Questions

+ Why Invest Brazos Valley now?

Due to a focus by the Texas A&M University System on commercialization and economic development, the opportunity exists to proactively enhance our area’s economy through diversification. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we are in intense competition and other cities, states, and nations are constantly thinking of ways to take away assets from our world-class community. We must conduct economic development proactively, thus helping companies launch, grow and locate in Brazos County. 

+ How are you different from the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce?

We are a close partner with the Chamber of Commerce. Unlike other communities where economic development is a chamber of commerce function, the BVEDC serves as a single voice for economic development bringing together the market's public and private sectors. Being an investor in the BVEDC is a long-term investment in our future economic progress. We need greater private sector engagement.

+ Who will benefit from Invest Brazos Valley?

Taking the BVEDC to the next level will benefit all businesses through economic diversification, job creation and broadening our tax base. Invest Brazos Valley is about the future of our economy.  A rising tide lifts all boats.

+ Is the Invest Brazos Valley just for “big business”?

No. The Brazos Valley is an economy built on entrepreneurship and small to medium sized businesses most of which having some connectivity to Texas A&M University. Invest Brazos Valley encourages individuals and businesses to help guide the future of the region. At any level, knowledge is power!

+ How will Invest Brazos Valley money be used?

Invest Brazos Valley funds will be used proactively to seek and assist economic development projects, to market our community around the globe, and to support the continued development of our market's entrepreneurial and small business ecosystem.