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International Gateway

What is International Gateway?

The Partnership's International Gateway program helps businesses rapidily and inexpensively enter the US marketplace. Our services streamline the legal and logistical complexities so clients can focus on cutomers and partners. The Gateway program received the 2011 International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Award for Responding to Globalization, acknowledging the Partnership’s signature innovation economic development strategies to enable the Bryan-College Station community and its businesses to better integrate with the global economy and to more resiliently respond to the challenges wrought by globalization. Promoting new standards in trade relations and practices with targeted countries, the International Gateway has fostered trusted state, federal and overseas networks for successfully integrating The Partnership globally, unlocking foreign direct investment opportunities and assisting businesses to understand both inbound/outbound global sourcing as well as to increase their global competitive position.
For international companies pursuing the commercialization of their innovative products in the U.S. economy, the International Gateway offers proximity for connecting with The Texas A&M University System, one of the nation’s elite applied research institutions. Whether domestic or global entrepreneurs are exploring their market opportunities or going forward to establish a presence in the U.S. economy or beyond, the customized, value-added business virtualization services of the International Gateway streamline the complexities of launching, investing and developing customers in the U.S. and around the world.

Services Included:

  • The formation of a Texas-based C-Corportation with Bylaws 
  • The Gateway will serve as the Agent of Record in Texas. 
  • The Gateway address will serve as your legal US address. 
  • Assitance will be offered in obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number for company activity
  • Business mail will be opened, scanned and emailed to you wherever you are 
  • Co-working office space and conference room with WIFI will be available by reservation
  • Assistance will be offered in accessing third party services such as: business strategy development, fundarising assitance, market research and intellectual property protection

International Gateway Fees

  • One-time Initial Payment: $5,000
  • Monthly Fee: $500

Partnered Pathways for International Business Growth: 

Below are available resources to guide both domestic and International Gateway Clients.  

Belgium-Wallonia Region

Other International Market Entry Assistance 

State and Federal Support