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About the BVEDC

The Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation serves Brazos County, the City of Bryan, the City of College Station, Texas A&M University and our private sector investors through our Invest Brazos Valley program. It is a single point of contact to the network of private sector and local and state government professionals that supports a company’s project activities.
The BVEDC was established in 1989 and is organized as a Texas economic development public-private, 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation funded jointly by the three local governments, Texas A&M University and 60 private sector investors. Services are provided at no cost to the company and with complete confidentiality.

Vision Statement

Maximizing a community partnership approach, our vision is economic growth that positively impacts the lives of all who live and work in Brazos County.

Mission Statement

Pursue the economic growth of Brazos County without regard to municipal boundary.
  • The BVEDC serves and convenes community leaders to prepare Brazos County for economic growth;
  • The BVEDC is the organization in Brazos County where government, academic and private sector partners convene formally, focused on "non-retail, residential" economic development; and
  • The BVEDC helps companies launch, grow and locate in Brazos County.


  • Improve the economic development competitiveness of Brazos County
  • Retain and expand local primary jobs in Brazos County
  • Enhance Brazos County's small business development and entrepreneurial culture
  • Attract targeted business bringing new investment and primary jobs to Brazos County


Guiding Principals 

  1. The BVEDC will possess an entrepreneurial spirit with its constant pursuit to be the model for cutting-edge economic development;
  2. The BVEDC will be the leader in advancing the community’s economic development future;
  3. The BVEDC will always be a community beacon for integrity, cooperation and trust;
  4. The BVEDC will be focused, strategic and proactive in its efforts; and
  5. The BVEDC will take calculated risks, as needed.

In addition, we adhere to the highest professional standards when researching and managing your site selection needs and will maintain strict confidentiality with all project information.