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Steering committee believes Brazos County voters have right to determine future

The Steering Committee, comprised of business, community and educational leaders from across Brazos County, reinforces its position that it is committed to examining all possible options to fill the high-wage, high-skilled opportunity gap in our community. A new district could allow for either a partnership with other technical workforce providers, creation of a new college, or a change in governance or control of existing Blinn College operations in Brazos County.

This effort is about the future of Brazos County and a matter for the citizens of Brazos County. The Steering Committee believes voter’s voices should be heard in an effort to fill the opportunity gap. This initiative is necessary and critical in keeping and attracting employers in our region that are demanding high-wage and highly skilled employees.

It’s worth noting that the State of Texas requires the petition to read the maximum tax rate of $0.50 on $100.00 valuation of property. If voters approve a tax rate or tax increase, the Steering Committee anticipates it being 1-2 cents per 100-dollar valuation, or $15 to $30 dollars a year on a $150,000 valued home. Signing the petition only gives the Brazos County Commissioners Court the authority to call an election. No tax can be approved without a separate vote from the taxpayers. Once again, this is a matter for the citizens of Brazos County and such an option would address self-governance and reinvestment of funds in Brazos County.

About The Research Valley Partnership

The Research Valley Partnership is a public-private economic development corporation serving the citizens of Brazos County, Texas. The Partnership pursues economic growth in the county without regard to jurisdiction through its programs, services and initiatives to help launch, grow and locate companies in Brazos County.

About the Talent Initiative Steering Committee

In June of 2016, the Research Valley Partnership formed the Talent Initiative Steering Committee in response to unmet demand in Brazos County and the greater Research Valley, recognizing lack of talent will inhibit economic growth fundamental to the Partnership’s mission. The Steering Committee has broad-based, community-wide representation. Mr. Andrew Nelson and Mr. Ivan Olson serve as co-chairs of the Steering Committee and Mr. Bobby Gutierrez serves as secretary.