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Research Valley Partnership Launches Manufacturers’ Council

In connection with its talent initiative, the Research Valley Partnership is pleased to announce the launch of the Research Valley Manufacturers’ Council.

On Friday, the Partnership hosted ten leading Brazos County manufacturers from multiple industry classifications to discuss its Talent Initiative. As a part of that discussion, the Partnership facilitated and organized the launch the Research Valley Manufacturers Council. As proposed, the purpose of the Council will be to promote the success of existing manufacturers in Brazos County, as well as address and champion drivers impacting the future growth of regional manufacturing.

“Everyone I talk to is energized by the Partnership’s Talent Initiative,” said Todd McDaniel, President and CEO at the Research Valley Partnership. “Our existing manufacturers are a critical part of our local economy, and they have challenges finding highly-skilled workers. If we want to retain these companies and locate new manufacturers to Brazos County, then we must address their ‘talent development’ challenge for these types of skills”

Future workforce programming and training needs for talent development was among the primary concerns expressed by members and is a topic of concern driving the Talent Initiative.

“Talent development and continuous skills development offerings will be imperative to our future success and sustainability here in the Research Valley,” said Stacy Overby, Senior Human Resource Manager at Ply Gem Building Products. “A Manufacturers’ Council, led by existing Brazos County manufacturers is a huge step in the right direction. We are exceptionally thankful to the Partnership for facilitating this initiative.”

In addition to the Research Valley Manufacturers Council, the Partnership intends to engage other industry sectors, such as contraction trades, the Partnership identify future industry growth needs and source skilled labor.

About The Research Valley Partnership

The Research Valley Partnership is a public-private economic development corporation serving the citizens of Brazos County, Texas. The Partnership pursues economic growth in the county
without regard to jurisdiction through its programs, services and initiatives to help launch, grow and locate companies in Brazos County.