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Made in the Brazos Valley

Whether they are on the ground, in the air or at sea, Viasat’s mission is to develop the ultimate global communications network to power high-quality, secure, affordable, fast connections to impact people's lives anywhere they are.
Based out of California, Viasat is a global communications company operating in the Brazos Valley. In 2015, Viasat acquired NetNearU, a Brazos Valley startup that provided expertise in managing public Wi-Fi networks, as well as a variety of other wireless Internet access networks such as hotspots, enterprise, campus and metro installations. NetNearU’s proprietary software provided necessary management services such as automated and real-time provisioning, authentication, billing, roaming, quality of service, advertising, monitoring and support. The acquisition helped Viasat expand its reach into new markets, by looking at ways to extend satellite internet coverage through the use of Wi-Fi, Connected more mobile users and devices to the benefits of high-speed satellite service. Viasat further expanded its presence in the region, and in April 2018, opened its newest campus in College Station.
Through its global communications network, Viasat is able to offer high-speed, high-quality satellite-based Internet that reaches consumers, businesses, governments and militaries across the globe. In addition to its primary product, Viasat also has a history in managing complex Wi-Fi networks.
Currently, more than 5,500 employees work for Viasat across 28 offices around the world. In College Station, 200 people are employed. Employees in the Brazos Valley location specialize in wireless technology, providing Wi-Fi and voice services to military members stationed at bases around the world. They also support the company’s managed Wi-Fi services business, including its new Community Wi-Fi product in Mexico and Latin America as well as airline customers connecting to the company’s high-speed, reliable in-flight Wi-Fi.
In terms of positions held at Viasat on a global scale, there is a wide range that sit within different teams including legal, engineering, marketing, finance, information technology, quality, sales and business development, and more. As the company expands, so do the types of job opportunities that Viasat is able to offer. College Station is the headquarters for Viasat’s Global Business Solutions team, which provides satellite broadband connectivity services to businesses worldwide. About half of the new building’s first floor is designated as a customer support call center.
Cody Catalena, vice president and general manager of Viasat’s Global Business Solutions business, shared what he perceived to be the advantages of doing business in the Brazos Valley:
“The investment [here] was made for a variety of reasons that include the unique talent within the technology, engineering and research communities in the Brazos Valley. The people we hire are smart, friendly and self-motivated. In addition to talent, the Brazos Valley is a great place to raise a family. It has good schools, local entertainment and is situated in the middle of all of the major metros in Texas, making most of these cities accessible by car for a day trip.”
Viasat is proud of its corporate culture for employees, offering a “Work Hard, Play Hard” environment at its College Station campus. The three-story building contains a mix of office and open concept space with “neighborhood” meeting areas to offer a place to collaborate and connect with team members. The campus enjoys an environment that encourages team members to be both inside and outside, offering an extensive break room, fitness center, and game room as well as an outdoor grill area surrounded by a basketball court, a putting green and a sand volleyball court.
For more information on Viasat, visit their website, viasat.com.
Feature from March 2019