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Made in the Brazos Valley

For the owner of Versacarry, a personal trial was turned into a professional triumph. The Bryan-based company is growing into a national leader with less than a decade of existence under its belt.
Versacarry primarily produces accessories within the firearm industry, offering a wide range of holsters, magazine pouches and hunting supplies. In addition, secondary items in the general apparel industry such as leather belts are also manufactured in the Brazos Valley.
Justin Sitz is the company’s founder and owner. In June 2010, his home burned down and he lost everything he owned. His insurance provider paid him for his loss, which included the avid gun collector’s firearms. Upon buying what was then a brand-new gun on the market, he was unable to find a holster to fit it.
Sitz had the inspiration to seek a patent for what would become the ZeroBulk Holster, and instead of building a new home, he put his money into his first of many products. Versacarry was born in May 2011.
That home Sitz lost in the fire was near Bryan. He moved to the city in 2013. Versacarry has changed locations in Bryan a number of times as it has grown, most recently setting up its operations on Highway 6.
The Brazos Valley was a clear choice for his company because of what Sitz calls a perfect mix of location, talent and easy access to other industries with Houston, Dallas and Austin nearby:
“Hands down, the talent pool in the Brazos Valley is amazing. As this community grows, it never shocks me to see all the community is truly capable of, and the recipe for success is a simple one: good people, innovation and a desire to succeed. By choosing the Brazos Valley as our home, it has made gathering these key pieces for success easy.”
As of mid-2019, Versacarry employs approximately 35 people in a wide range of positions, including research and development engineers, CNC machinery operators, assembly technicians, sewing machine operators, website and social media developers, customer service representatives, and wholesale sales representatives. Over the next year, Versacarry hopes to grow its workforce by 20 percent.
Versacarry has seen double digit growth each of its first nine years in existence. The company distributes its products nationally and internationally. Major distributors in the U.S. and national retail chains have teamed up with Versacarry, including Gander Outdoors and Dunham’s Sports. From a giant like Walmart.com to thousands of independent brick and mortar shops nationwide, it is not hard to find the company’s products. They also operate their own shop at the company’s website and plan to open a storefront in their Highway 6 location.
It took a tragic spark of fire for a spark of innovation to be lit. Now, Versacarry aims to grow further across the nation and world from its Brazos Valley home.
For more information on Versacarry, visit their website, versacarry.com.
Feature from July 2019